Riverford Wicked Leeks

fairtrade and organic coffee

Fairtrade and organic coffee on its way for June.

We have responded to loads of positive customer comments about the prospect of adding coffee to the extras list. The coffee that we will be offering from the 2nd June onwards is grown by a co-operative of fair trade organic farmers on the banks of lake Taur in the Aceh region of Indonesia.

The coffee is shade grown under a canopy of trees with the fertility coming primarily from compost made from recycled coffee pulp. The co-operative focuses on making sure that the growers receive a fair income for their beans as well as concentrating money on investing in local community infrastructure and resolving inter ethnic conflict.

The group operates through one central processing plant before the beans are transported to port. The coffee is then shipped into a local company and roasted for River Nene when we place our orders each week. The coffee tastes great, with a distinctive flavour with spicy overtones. Enjoy! We may think about adding coffee from some other countries in the future if there is enough demand. We are also sampling the first fair trade organic tea on offer in this country