Riverford Wicked Leeks

Our ethical & green commitments in the restaurant

What to expect

  • We recycle all our glass, cardboard, paper and tins.
  • We achieved Zero Landfill Status in 2013, with help from Devon Contract Waste
  • Waste heat is reclaimed from the industrial farm fridges and used to provide our under floor heating.
  • We have photovoltaic cells on the roof of our restaurant. These save approx 2 tonnes of CO2/year due to a reduction in our use of electricity generated by fossil fuel.
  • We only prepare food for the exact amount of customers that have booked, therefore reducing food wastage.
  • Any food left over goes into an anaerobic digester, which produces methane gas, which in turn generates electricity. Anything left from this process is turned into fertilizer.
  • At least 95% of the ingredients we work with are certified organic.
  • We do not support GMO products. GM crops and ingredients are banned under organic standards, so working with certified organic produce ensures we are eliminating GM food from the menu.
  • The children at nearby Landscove Primary School have been enjoying organic school dinners cooked by Riverford for many years now.
  • We can’t say yes to all requests, but do manage to donate a certain amount of raffle prizes to support local charities each year.
  • Guided tours of the farm here at Wash offer education and insight into organic farming to the general public and schools.
  • We happily accept requests for work experience placements to support the learning and development of young people

For further information about Riverford’s general sustainability click here