Skimmed milk

£1.25 / 1l


Fresh milk from pasture-reared cows. They enjoy a natural diet, which gives the milk its traditional flavour. Pure, refreshing and straight from the farm – we think our white stuff is worlds apart from the rest.

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Store in the fridge or if you aren’t using it straight away, you can store the milk in the freezer.

Our milk is delivered in recyclable plastic bottles. If you can't recycle them locally, please leave them out with your box for us to recycle at the farm.

Please tell us where to leave this product if you are not in – it needs to be kept chilled to maintain its quality. A cool box in a shady spot works well.

Nutritional information

Nutrition per 100g

energy 32kcal
fat 0.2g
saturates 0.1g
carbohydrates 4.4g
sugars 4.4g
protein 3.4g
salt 0.10g

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