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Large eco cool safe

Large eco cool safe


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Keep deliveries fresh for longer with an Eco-Cool Food Safe. This wooden safe encases your vegbox in a layer of compost and soil, keeping it up to 10 degrees cooler – and doubling its shelf life.

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Call us vegetable geeks, but we did some research and discovered that through the whole process from field to door, your vegetables are most likely to heat up when they are left on your doorstep all day. We’ll deliver your safe flat-packed with instructions and fixings. You will need your own drill and to be reasonably confident in DIY!

how does it work?

1. The safe has a high thermal capacity and captures the cool of the night to preserve your veg through the day.

2. Water evaporating from it gives an extra cooling effect, like putting a damp towel over a barrel of beer.

3. When filled with soil and compost and locked, it’s so heavy that no-one can make off with your veg box while you’re out.

dimensions + capacity

To take pretty much any combination of vegbox, meatbox, fruit box, wine, beer, milk, juices etc. This version has a shelf 2/3rds up. External dimensions – 1000 mm (w) 770 mm (h) 600 mm (d) Internal dimensions – 650 mm (w) 360 mm to shelf & 240 mm to roof (h) 525mm (d)