Riverford Wicked Leeks

eating the mountain

We are back to our Devon drizzle and there is a side of me that is almost pleased. Some of our crops certainly needed the rain and we can finally pack away all those pumps and sprinklers for the year, secure in the knowledge that nothing will be thirsty for the next seven months.

After two dreadful summers when the corn struggled to ripen, we downgraded our yield predictions and planted more acres to make up the numbers. This year the crop has been late and looked dodgy in July but the September sun saved us, bringing our highest yields ever. With it all ripening at the same time, corn is in just about every box and will be again next week and the week after. I have felt obliged to eat my share of the mountain; after tiring of the ever-convenient corn on the cob (that took a while) I have moved onto corn fritters. There are two fritter recipes on the website; I recommend the one including polenta flour. They are a great starter or canap