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Duck legs 490g

Duck legs 490g


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Organic duck legs on the bone. Succulent dark meat with rich, buttery skin, from ducks left to range free for the fullest flavour. Unlike the quick-cooking breast, duck legs do best with long, slow cooking. Braise in rich sauce, roast in a casserole or turn into a luxurious French-style confit.

Approximately 2 duck legs per pack.

Delivered in insulated packaging to keep cool on your doorstep. Minimum meat order £15 to cover the cost of the packaging.


Preheat your oven to 180°C/Gas 4. Season the legs well on both sides and lightly prick the skin all over. Sit on a wire rack above a roasting tray and roast for just over 1 hour, until the skin is crisp and golden.

Rest for at least 5 mins before serving. Alternatively, you can confit the legs slowly, covered in oil or duck fat, for 3 hours in an oven set to 140°C/Gas 1.


Keep in the fridge at 5°C or below, and use by the date shown on the label. You can freeze on the day of delivery and store for up to one month. Make sure the duck is defrosted thoroughly in a fridge and cooked within 24 hours. Do not refreeze once thawed.

Organic duck farmer

Our organic free-range ducks are reared by Ross Gardner, whose family have been farming poultry for half a century, and Rod Hall aka Roddy from Rod & Bens, just up the road from us on Bickham Farm, Devon. They certainly know how to keep their birds happy; the farm is Soil Association certified, for the best possible standard of welfare.