Riverford Wicked Leeks

dig for happiness

As our Chancellor tries, with increasing desperation, to jolt us into renewed spending there is a growing revolt against playing our ant-like parts as consumers in keeping the machine rolling. We have woken up; the hypnotic spell of manic greed and envy, followed by dizzy credit-fuelled consumption has been broken. We can do without a lot of that stuff. It might even save a few trips to the recycling centre later on.

Amongst the all-pervading gloom of the last few months I gain some cheer from the number of people who seem to be questioning the assumptions and values that have got us to this point; namely that we must consume more to be happy. These are not hippies, rebels or revolutionaries; just people who have had enough of slaving to keep up. I have a suspicion (and a hope) that we will now see many people slow down, savour what they have and take control of their lives. Whether it is by making your own jam or compost, by growing your own veg or brewing your own beer, by mending it rather replacing it, it is all about taking back control and not being a passive consumer.

So what has that got to do with vegetables? Well what better place to savour your real riches than around a table surrounded by friends and family, eating food prepared with love from the best ingredients. People are increasingly realizing that you don