Dandelion leaves 80g

Dandelion leaves 80g


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Bitter-flavoured dandelion leaves from our Devon farm. We’re huge fans of the whole family of bitter leaves, from radicchio and pain de sucre to these simple wild greens. If you’ve dismissed dandelions as nothing more than a pesky weed, their flavour might just surprise you! Good both raw and cooked, they have the potential to revive a stew-jaded palate after winter.

Add to salads, serve as a simple side of greens, or try balancing their bitterness with a creamy sauce in Guy’s dandelion pasta.

How to store dandelion leaves:

Delivered from our farm, so wash before eating. Keep in the bottom of the fridge - best eaten as fresh as possible.

Dandelion season and varieties:

We grow the Italiko Rosso variety; an Italian chicory with a distinctive red midrib. It becomes too bitter in the summer months, so we stick to winter, and grow it in the polytunnels on our Devon farm.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom.