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Damsons 400g

Damsons 400g


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Damsons are a traditional British relative of the plum. These juicy specimens come from Joe Pardoe’s organic orchards in Herefordshire. They’re unusually sweet – you can enjoy them straight from the fruit bowl as soon as they’re ripe. Alternatively, cook them into tarts and fools, or use to uplift savoury dishes (they make a particularly fine complement to lamb or pork casseroles).


Leave to ripen in the fruit bowl and eat as soon as they’re ready. They’re ripe when they give a little at a squeeze.

Straight from the farm, so please wash before eating. Eat at room temperature for the best flavour.

You can freeze damsons – cut in half, remove the stone, freeze flat on a tray then place in bags.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom.

About the grower

These beautiful blue damsons are grown by Joe Pardoe in his organic orchards in Herefordshire. The Pardoes have been growing fruit for four generations, so Joe really knows his stuff.