Riverford Wicked Leeks

curse of the carpets and beware of the windows

River Nene's new home is nearly ready.

In a newsletter some months ago, I announced that River Nene was on the move. After three nomadic years, the local planners had finally given us the go-ahead to build a new box-packing barn on the farm. We were faced with just three months to finish the new barn and move in before the tenancy ran out on our current temporary home.

Late in June the first digger turned up to start breaking and levelling the stony terrain. I was told back then by a reliable friend of mine that it has been scientifically proven that it is impossible for a building project to finish on time and to budget. A desire to prove him wrong combined with the fear of us all being homeless has fuelled a fairly frantic non-stop programme of digging, concreting and building as the clock ticked towards eviction day.

By the middle of September things were looking fantastic. The structure was finished, complete with four cold stores giving us the conditions we need for optimum storage of all fruit and vegetables. The offices had been built; the first electrical fit was complete and the first patio stone had been laid. The project manager on site felt very confident that we were still on schedule, so I enthusiastically returned to the team declaring victory and a move in date of 1st October