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Riverford companion cook book: spring & summer veg

Riverford companion cook book: spring & summer veg


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Our hardback recipe book, Spring and Summer Veg, the first in the Riverford Companion series, will help you get to grips with your greens, conquer a cardoon and tame your veggies once and for all.

From tips on how to tell your spinach from your chard, store sweetcorn and prepare a kohlrabi, to inspiring recipes where seasonal veg is the star, this cook book is packed with ideas to increase your confidence in the kitchen.

About the book

“I want this book to bridge the gap between aspiration and reality; to make a turnip or courgette exciting and to prevent a cardoon or artichoke from being intimidating. Most of the recipes are quick and simple, with lots of variations, suitable for weekday nights when you’re tired but want to get something on the table that’s good, seasonal and in budget. Our intention is above all to make veg box cooking easy and pleasurable.”

Guy Watson, Riverford founder