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Clearspring sunflower frying oil 500ml

Clearspring sunflower frying oil 500ml


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This came out top in our taste tests at the farm! Cold-pressed sunflower oil made from a variety of seed that’s naturally higher in monounsaturated oleic acid than typical sunflower seeds. You can heat this to higher temperatures and use it for deep frying. It even makes good salad dressings, thanks to its neutral flavour.


100% organic sunflower frying oil.

suitable for vegans.

store in a cool, dark place.


What is 'special' about the fats in this product to enable them to withstand higher cooking temperature?

It’s special because unlike most sunflower oil on the market, this high oleic oil has an inverted % of monounsaturated fats against polyunsaturated fats (It is made from a variety of seed which is naturally 2-3 times higher in monounsaturated oleic acid than typical sunflower seeds). Polyunsaturated fats are the ones that usually degrade during frying, which usually causes the composition of trans- fatty acids and other unhealthy components.

What happens in the "pressing" process which counters the instability of the fatty acids - would you be able to explain further at all?

The pressing process is not involved in stability, but it means that the process is completely mechanical, without the use of any chemicals. It’s the steam deodorization that raises the smoking point of the oil, giving the heat stability at 190°C.

about clearspring organic

Clearspring are well known for their traditional Japanese foods, but they do a lot more besides. They set up in the 80s to distribute top quality food that supports good health, promotes sustainable agriculture and provides economic stability for producers.

Today, Clearspring sources their products with the same exacting standards. Everything must be made from the best quality pure ingredients and made in an ecologically sound way using traditional methods.