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Clearspring miso bouillon paste 112g

Clearspring miso bouillon paste 112g


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Clearspring organic brown rice miso (genmai miso). There’s a saying in Japan, ‘a miso a day keeps the doctor away’ – but miso isn’t only good for your health! The rich, complex, savoury intensity – made by fermenting soya beans and brown rice in cedarwood kegs – has many uses in cooking. A small amount goes a very long way.


For classic miso soup, mix a teaspoon of miso in a bowl of hot water. Deploy miso’s deep, umami flavour to enrich stews, sauces and noodle soup dishes such as ramen. Or use it as a seasoning in stir-fries, mixed into a Japanese-style salad dressing, and for marinating veg, fish or meat – as with this miso baked fish.

how to store miso paste

Keep your miso tightly sealed and in the fridge. It’ll last there for at least 9 months. After that, its flavour and texture may change, but it’ll still be safe to eat.


brown rice miso (35%) (whole soya beans, cultured brown rice, sea salt*, water*), sea salt*, carrot purée, water*, onion purée, leek purée, kombu sea vegetable extract (water*, kombu, sea salt*), kuzu (gluten free starch thickener), ginger purée, sunflower oil, (* non organic).

allergens in bold.

suitable for vegans.

about Clearspring

Clearspring is dedicated to getting great tasting organic food back on the dinner table – and to making sure it stays there for the next generation. It distributes traditionally-made European and Asian foods that support good health and at the same time uphold tradition and sustainability in grower communities. All its products are vegan, and most of them are organic.

even more reasons to love our miso paste

1. Free from…

Gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, GM, additives and preservatives.

2. 100% organic

Absolutely everything we grow, make and sell is organic.

3. Free delivery

Your friendly local veg team delivers straight to your door, for free.

4. No need to be in

Just tell us where you’d like us to leave your delivery… we can take a key, too.