Coconut oil

£4.60 / 200g


The process is very simple – the coconuts are peeled, shredded, pressed and filtered. Coconut oil has a whole range of health benefits and is suitable for all types of cooking, baking and high temperature frying. Ideal for Asian dishes and stir fries, great in smoothies and even spread on bread.

Clearspring are well known for their traditional Japanese foods, but they do a lot more besides. They set up in the 80s to distribute top quality food that supports good health, promotes sustainable agriculture and provides economic stability for producers. Today, Clearspring sources their products with the same exacting standards. Everything must be made from the best quality pure ingredients and made in an ecologically sound way using traditional methods.

Nutritional information

Nutrition per 100g

energy 893kcal
fat 100.0g
saturates 87.0g
carbohydrates 0.0g
sugars 0.0g
protein 0.0g
salt 0.00g

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