Cooked chestnuts

£4.35 / 200g


Sweet, velvety organic chestnuts for festive cooking. They come cooked and peeled, so that’s one less job to deal with! And the quality and flavour is by far the best we’ve found.

Pair with sage and apple for a tasty stuffing, use in vegetarian main courses, or throw them in with Brussels sprouts and bacon for hearty Christmas side.

These chestnuts are produced by a co-operative of small-scale farmers in the L'Ardéche region of France. The chestnut trees grow well in the mountainous terrain where it is difficult to grow much else, so they are an important part of the local economy. The crop is harvested carefully by hand, as the land is too steep for machinery.

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Brussels sprouts get a bad press, but combining them with crispy bacon lardons and sweet chestnuts is a revelation
- Riverford cooks

How to prepare

Try stuffing vegetables, poultry or fowl with them, or try tossing them in with bacon and sprouts.


Store in a cool, dry place.

Nutritional information

Nutrition per 100g

energy 177kcal
fat 1.3g
saturates 0.2g
carbohydrates 35.6g
sugars 8.3g
protein 2.6g
salt 0.10g

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