British cheese box

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What's inside

  • 1x Green's vintage cheddar 250g
  • 1x Caws cenarth perl las blue 150g
  • 1x Caws Cenarth brie 200g
  • 1x Caws cenarth caerffili 200g
  • 1x Seven sisters sheep cheese 125g
  • 1x Crumbly Lancashire 150g


Six of the very best organic British cheeses we’ve tasted. There’s Green’s of Glastonbury’s vintage Cheddar, traditional Welsh caerffili, creamy brie, a crumbly Lancashire cheese from Leagram Dairy, and High Weald’s Seven Sisters: a semi-soft sheep’s cheese coated in Hebridean seaweed. To finish the feast, the special blue caerffili Perl Las Blue. Serves 6+. A fine festive cheeseboard sorted!

Please note: We’re delivering cheese boxes a bit early, to leave more space in our vans for your food in Christmas week. When you click ‘pre-order’, the delivery date will be displayed. Just hang on to your cheese after it’s delivered; everything will last through the Christmas period.

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Ingredients and allergens

Green's vintage cheddar 250g

  • Pasteurised cows' milk,
  • salt*,
  • starter culture,
  • vegetarian rennet

Caws cenarth perl las blue 150g

  • Pasteurised cows milk,
  • sea salt*,
  • vegetarian rennet,
  • culture,
  • penicillium roqueforti

Caws Cenarth brie 200g

  • Pasteurised cows' milk,
  • salt*,
  • vegetarian rennet,
  • starter cultures

Caws cenarth caerffili 200g

  • Pasteurised cows milk,
  • vegetarian rennet,
  • sea salt*,
  • milk cultures

Seven sisters sheep cheese 125g

  • Pasteurised sheep milk,
  • sea salt*,
  • seaweed,
  • vegetarian rennet,
  • cultures*

Crumbly Lancashire 150g

  • Pasteurised cows' milk,
  • culture*,
  • vegetarian rennet*,
  • salt*
For allergens see the above ingredients in bold.
Unsuitable for people with severe allergies.


Our British cheese selection will arrive in a box with wool lining and an ice pack, to keep cool on your doorstep. We can reuse the lining and ice pack multiple times – please leave them out for us on your next delivery.

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