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Chioggia beetroot 800g

Chioggia beetroot 800g


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Brighten up a dull winter plate with these beautiful candy-striped beets. Their appearance, ringed with magenta and white, is not their only virtue; they are also sweeter in flavour than the standard purple roots. An Italian heirloom variety, Chioggia beets are named after the fishing village near Venice where they were first grown. They are happiest in a cool climate; ours are Lancashire’s finest!


The Chioggia beetroot's paler complexion generally means its a bit less messy in the kitchen than standard beetroot.

The candy-striped centres of these beetroot beauties have a sweet flavour. They’re ideal for salads (think raw beetroot carpaccio), but be aware that raw roots have a stronger taste. You can also boil or roast them in the usual way.


Keep unwashed in the fridge or on a cool veg rack.


These striking roots can be grown all year round.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom.

Grower Info

Grown by Dan Gielty, better known as Organic Dan, on his farm near Ormskirk in Lancashire. Dan also supplies our purple carrots and Brussels sprouts.