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Mild mixed chillies x 3

Mild mixed chillies x 3


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Add some mellow heat to your dish with these mild organic chillies, grown on our farms in Devon and France.

There are thousands of varieties out there, and we love experimenting with growing different types. You’ll get a mix of the best as we pick them. Our favourites that you will see most often are the sweet, flavoursome Topik, Banana and Bulgarian Fish varieties.


Topik –These round peppers can be found in mezze, tapas and antipasti dishes throughout the Mediterranean. Preserved in olive oil, they’re usually stuffed with goat’s cheese, but you could use mascarpone, provolone, prosciutto, anchovies… Crisp and sweet, they can also be roasted or used in salads.

Banana – Their pale green/yellow hue when growing accounts for the name; they can be picked like this, or allowed to ripen red and sweet. Ideal for chopping into salads, grilling, or pickling and using as a pizza topping.

Bulgarian Fish – Flattened lengthways and wider in the middle, they do have a certain fish-like appearance. Thick-skinned and crunchy, they’re traditionally used as the core ingredient of Ljutenica, a spicy veg relish for livening up meat dishes or spreading on toast (if you’re feeling brave).


For best results: remove stalks, keep in the bag in the fridge for about a week.


To prepare, cut lengthways and slice off the stem (remove the seeds and membrane if you want an even milder heat). Wash your hands thoroughly and avoid touching your eyes or any sensitive skin.

Organic chilli farmer

We’re chilli fiends, growing all sorts of varieties here in Devon, and on Guy’s farm in France. We decided which should go in our mild mix and which in our hot mix using the Scoville Scale as well as our own taste tests.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom