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Chestnuts 500g

Chestnuts 500g


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Sweet chestnuts for roasting on the fire or adding to stuffings. They work well chopped into Brussels sprouts as a festive side dish, too.

Chestnuts have been a staple food in southern Europe and Asia for millennia, largely replacing cereals where they would not grow. Alexander the Great and the Romans planted chestnut trees across Europe while on their various campaigns and the Greek army is said to have survived its retreat from Asia Minor in 401-399 BC thanks to its stores of chestnuts.

The ancient Greeks commented on their medicinal properties and to the early Christians they symbolised chastity.

Chestnuts contain no cholesterol, very little fat (mostly unsaturated) and no gluten. They are much lower in calories than other nuts such as walnuts or almonds.


Most commonly eaten roasted, chestnuts can also be used in many sweet or savoury recipes. Try stuffing vegetables, poultry or fowl with them. The French eat candied chestnuts – known as marrons glacés.


Keep chestnuts cool at all times, they are more like a fruit than a nut.


Our chestnuts come from France.