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St bartholomew cheese 200g

St bartholomew cheese 200g


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The recipe is similar to many alpine cheeses; it has a deep, nutty flavour with fruity, caramel-y overtones (think St Nectaire meets Comté). Created in 2015, St Bartholomew is already an award winner, bringing home a Bronze at the Artisan Cheese Fair and a Silver at the British Cheese Awards.

Merrimoles Farm, between the villages of Nettlebed and Bix in south Oxfordshire, has been certified organic since 2001. When Rose Grimond moved home to the family farm while pregnant with her first child, she had the bright idea of turning their superlative organic milk into cheese – and in 2015 Nettlebed Creamery was born. Despite only being a few years old, the Creamery is already home to two award-winning cheeses. St Bartholomew is named after the Nettlebed village church.


Keep in the fridge and use before the date on the label. Once opened keep in a sealed container.