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Charentais melon

Charentais melon


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Honeyed sweetness makes our organic Charentais melon glorious alone, or adding perfumed sweetness to a fruit salad of smoothie. But you’d be missing out if you didn’t also try its delicate, peachy flesh paired with savoury food like tangy cheese or salty ham.


For a refreshing treat, make your own Charentais ice lollies. Just blend the flesh of a melon with the juice of a lime, pour into ice lolly moulds and freeze until set. Or freeze into beautiful perfumed granitas and sorbets for a refreshing dessert.

Charentais melon is also good tossed in salads – especially with piquant accompaniments like black olives or feta.


Before cutting, you can store melons at room temperature, but after you cut them, they need to be wrapped and put in the fridge.

Country of origin

Grown in Morocco.