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  1. Tinned borlotti beans 400g

    Cooked organic borlotti beans (also called cranberry or rosecoco beans) with no added salt. Creamy, plump, and chestnut-like in flavour, they’re an unsung star of the store cupboard. Toss them straight into soups, stews and casseroles. Or, for a simple side, add wilted seasonal greens, olive oil and a squeeze of lemon – and you’re done.

  2. Tinned cannellini beans 400g

    Cooked organic cannellini beans (also called white kidney beans or fasolia beans) with no added salt. High in fibre and protein, these mild, creamy little pebbles are very versatile and, pre-cooked, make an ideal ingredient for weeknight cooking.

    Mix with one of our Field Kitchen favourites: grilled courgette, tomato and bean salad.

  3. Tinned red kidney beans 400g

    Cooked organic red kidney beans with no added salt or sugar. With soft, creamy flesh and oodles of nutrients, kidney beans are a good standby to have in the cupboard. As these are pre-cooked, they’re ideal for flinging into weeknight suppers; it’s fast food with a difference.

    Kidney beans are central to a chilli con carne or a vegetarian chilli beanpot. Add to veggie burgers, mash into a nut roast, or fold into sweetcorn burritos or enchiladas.

  4. Mixed bean sprouts 227g

    A crunchy organic mix of sprouted adzuki beans, mung beans, chickpeas and green and brown lentils. These healthy sprouted seeds add bite and a mild, nutty sweetness to salads and stir fries. Get scattering!

  5. Flat beans 350g (Vegetable)

    Organic flat beans. Fresh, snappy and succulent. To squeak or not to squeak? However well done you like your beans, they’re an easy way to add sweet greenery to any plate.

  6. Tinned fava beans 400g

    Homegrown organic Fava beans, cooked and ready to use. Fava beans have been grown in Britain since the Iron Age, but are now almost forgotten. Award-winning British pulse pros Hodmedod’s are bringing them back to our plates! With plenty of body and a satisfying, meaty flavour, Fava beans are a favourite in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine – or brilliant for truly British baked beans, stews, curries, salads and more.

  7. Broad Beans - Easy Ideas recipe

    Broad Beans - Easy Ideas (Recipe)

    store In the fridge, in their pods until you want to cook them. prep Split the side of the pod with your nail, to open it and reveal the beans. cook simply If the beans are very young and small, you can eat them raw in salads. To cook them
  8. Chicken & Broad Bean recipe
  9. Broad beans three ways (Recipe)

    These beautiful beans bellow the beginning of summer time. Fill your boots until you can’t take any more, then leave them be until next season.
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