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6x Menade sauvignon blanc 75cl

6x Menade sauvignon blanc 75cl


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Crisp, elegant Sauvignon with plenty of fresh herb, passionfruit and papaya flavours, and perfectly balanced acidity. A bit like an understated, more refined Kiwi Sauvignon. Good as an aperitif or with gazpacho, salad nicoise and other fresh tomato dishes, as well as a classic goat’s cheese salad.

pre-packed case price is 10% cheaper than buying 6 individual bottles.

storage instructions

Keep in a dry, dark place. Serve chilled.

grape: 100% sauvignon blanc

alcohol: 13%

sulphites: 88mg/l

suitable for vegans.

gluten free.

country of origin: Spain

about Menade wines

The Sanz siblings, with 5 generations of winemakers behind them, have been enjoying their own ‘Menade’ wine project since 2005. Located in Rueda in Spain, their determination to produce natural organic wines has resulted in big flavoured wines that have earned them much critical acclaim.