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6x La jara pinot grigio blush 75cl

6x La jara pinot grigio blush 75cl


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Pinot Grigio Blush is an organic rosé wine made from selected bunches of gingery pink grapes, fermented in their skins to give the wine its natural blush. Beautifully pale in colour, with a light summer fruit nose, it is delicate and fruity on the palate with great acidity to finish. Served chilled, this wine is equally happy quaffed on its own in good company or partnered with a platter of antipasti, summer salads, or light barbequed fish dishes

pre-packed case price is 10% cheaper than buying 6 individual bottles.


Keep in a dry, dark place. Serve chilled.

screw-top closure.

alcohol: 12.5%

pinot grigio.

sulphites: 100mg/l.

suitable for vegans.

country of origin: Italy

about La Jara

The thoroughly modern packaging tells a tale of two halves at La Jara. The Italian winery has been in the hands of the same family since 1891 and is currently run by two brothers, Massimo and Paolo. Under their guidance the most up to date biodynamic methods are being applied to achieve what remain traditional values in their wine making.

Unlike most other Pinot Grigio, which are predominantly grown in the flat lands of Veneto, the soil in San Michele di Piave, where the La Jara grapes are grown, has far better drainage and a vastly superior mineral content which gives the wine its distinctive taste.