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6x Montirius vacqueyras le clos 75cl

6x Montirius vacqueyras le clos 75cl


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This deep purple wine is a heady and complex blend of two southern Rhône grapes; warm, juicy Grenache and soft, mellow Syrah. The resulting medium-bodied wine has a fresh cherry aroma and intense dark berry fruit flavour with a hint of lavender and spice. This juicy red would be superb with a plate of good cheese or as an accompaniment to roasted meats and casseroles.

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keep lying down, in a cool, dry, dark place. Serve at room temperature.

alcohol: 14%

sulphite level: 54 mg/l.

grape: grenache, syrah.

country of origin: France.

suitable for vegetarians.

about Montirius wines

Christine and Eric Saurel are relatively large land owners and biodynamic pioneers in the Southern Rhône where their two vineyards cover 16 and 34 hectares respectively. Le Clos is a single eight hectare plot located just outside the winery, high above the town of Sarrians. The 25-year-old vines benefit from the relatively high blue clay content in the soil which adds a creamy ‘rondeur’ to the blend. Montirius wines are known for resonating an intangible quality described memorably by Christine as ‘luminosité’.