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6x Meinklang pinot noir 75cl

6x Meinklang pinot noir 75cl


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A medium bodied red with ripe red cherry fruits and soft tannins. Pinot Noir needs very specific growing conditions and this one’s a fantastic biodynamic example. We like it with roasted veg, chicken, turkey or light meats such as rose veal and spring lamb.

pre-packed case price is 10% cheaper than buying 6 individual bottles.


keep lying down, in a cool, dry, dark place.

alcohol: 13%

sulphite level: 93 ppm

grape: pinot noir

country of origin: Austria

suitable for vegans

organic wine producer

Meinklang Estate is owned and run by the Mitchlits family, with Werner Mitchlits at the helm. The estate is in Neusiedlersee, in the Austrian region of Burgenland. They use biodynamic farming principles in their winemaking, which works with the connection between the sky and the soil. The Mitchlits also run a mixed farm, rearing beef and chickens, alongside growing soft fruit and vines.