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6x La cuvée blanche champagne brut, Bruno Michel 75cl

6x La cuvée blanche champagne brut, Bruno Michel 75cl


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A really special celebratory fizz. Beautifully pure, with lemon curd and subtle toasty notes. It’s easy drinking too – dry and incredibly balanced.

pre-packed case price is cheaper than buying 6 individual bottles.


store somewhere cool and stable, 10-15C, serve chilled. After being opened, it can be kept for 3 days in the fridge with an appropriate cap to save the effervescence.


sulphites: 51mg/l

suitable for vegans.

country of origin: France

about Bruno Michel

Bruno Michel and his family farm organically in the sud-Epernay sub region of Champagne. There are three reasons we like working with the Michels. Firstly, they’re very nice people. Secondly, their chateau is an amazing building with just the right amount of decrepit charm. Finally, and most importantly, they make the most fantastically pure, easy to drink champagne.