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12x Hepworth Brewery Blonde lager 50cl

12x Hepworth Brewery Blonde lager 50cl


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Hepworth’s Blonde is a beautiful organic craft beer – clear golden in colour, with a luxuriant head of froth. The flavour is smooth, crisp and refreshing, with some lovely floral notes from the organic hops.

It’s naturally gluten free, too! This is achieved by using the best brewing practices at every stage: from choosing Sussex barley that is low in protein, to traditional floor malting and boiling the worts at higher temperatures in the British-style brewhouse. Slow, cold maturation allows the beer to stabilise and the gluten to drop out, before filtering and bottling – ready for everyone to enjoy.

Alcohol 5%.

Allergens: contains barley from malt but naturally de-glutenised during the brewing process hence gluten free.

Suitable for vegans.

Store in a cool, dry place, serve chilled.

About Hepworth & Co

Horsham, West Sussex, has a long-standing tradition of brewing. When this tradition came to a sudden stop with the sale of Horsham’s last brewery, Andy Hepworth (when appointed, the youngest head brewer in the country) took matters into his own hands, and joined up with some keen colleagues (the ‘Dream Team’) to create the independent brewery Hepworth & Co. They supported the venture by pooling their redundancy payments, and with contributions from family and friends. The risk has paid off; Hepworth & Co’s beers are now international award-winners.