Juicing carrots 5kg

Juicing carrots 5kg


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We’ve grown and tried countless carrots to find the best flavour. This bumper bag of juicing carrots is full of outsized roots that are a little too large for our veg boxes. Wonderful for carrot juice, it would be criminal to waste them, so this bag’s a great thrifty buy.

Take 3 large carrots, juice with a whole apple and a chunk of fresh ginger for a quick, healthy juice. A vibrant boost in a glass.


Delivered from our farm, so wash before juicing. Keep for several weeks in a paper bag on a cool veg rack. Twist off tops before storing.


Harvested late June to November.

More info

We grow carrots at our farm in Devon, where we've tasted almost every variety available to find the ones that offer the best flavour. Carrots enjoy lighter soils, so although we grow them at our local farms Graham Negus who farms the sandy soils near Peterborough is in the ideal area.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom.