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Buttonhole kale 250g

Buttonhole kale 250g


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Buttonhole kale has dark green, frilly outer leaves enveloping a vibrant purple heart. It’s very striking, and a delight to cook with: the stems are succulent, the leaves retain their texture (and some of their eye-catching colour) when cooked, and the flavour is beautifully mild and sweet. Our Devon neighbour Andy Hayllor has grown a small crop to see how it gets on; let us know what you think!


Buttonhole kale is best treated simply to show off its natural taste and texture. Simply steam or wilt for a few minutes, then add a scrunch of seasoning and a squeeze of lime to lift its earthy flavour; lovely topped with a poached egg. Buttonhole kale also makes a good addition to stir-fries.


Store in the fridge. Delivered from our farm, so wash before cooking.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom.

Organic kale farmer

This unusual kale was grown by Andy Hayllor, neighbour to our Devon farm and member of Guy’s organic farming co-operative, the South Devon Organic Producers (SDOP). Andy farms around 800 acres of the rolling south Devon hills, and supplies us with a wide range of veg for our boxes as well as plump free-roaming chickens for the table.