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boxes, websites & the search for a better way

Please, please send us back those empty boxes. We are even keener to get them back right now, before we move onto our revamped box range in June, making it hard to reuse any old boxes lurking in the back of your garage. Please leave out any boxes for your vegman/lady to collect and we will do the rest.

You may have noticed some weird things happening on our website recently, while we changed the mechanics underneath. Sorry to those of you affected. I am pretty sure that by the time you read this we will have resolved the problems, but if you are having any trouble with logging in or with payments, call us on 01803 762059 and we will help you. 

We had been swimming along for too long with an idiosyncratic system that had evolved over twenty years, and have now moved to a more conventional platform that will let us join the rest of the world and move forward. Even with much planning and many sleepless nights from our IT crew, it was never going to be easy. But the change will allow us to do lots of things better in the future. 

The vegbox scheme is our way of matching grower supply and customer demand. It gives growers a secure market for their produce (instead of having to brave the brutal open market), and brings customers fresher, tastier fruit and veg with known provenance. It works wonderfully for us and for our farmers, but makes the dubious assumption that you are all pretty much the same; clearly a problem. The web, along with savvy IT, offers so many exciting possibilities to do things better: to reduce waste, to inform and inspire you in the kitchen and to tailor our deliveries to your cooking style. 

I want to share with you the excitement I feel when I walk around the farm planning recipes for my supper, to make use of seasonal food at its peak and to keep the journey as short and swift as possible. I want to auction you a boat’s catch before it has landed, to sell wild garlic and nettles from our woods when they are at their very best, to stop sending Jerusalem artichokes to people who can’t take the wind... This is hugely exciting, but to make it happen we need those clever spods in IT just as much as we need the burly farmers.

Thanks to your efforts, we have been nominated for two Observer Ethical Awards this year. We've made the final shortlist for Retailer of the Year, and I'm proud to be nominated for Campaigner of the Year. If you can spare a moment to vote here is how you can to do it.

Riverford Organic as Retailer of the Year Award: Click here - http://j.mp/Zn8QIW

Guy Watson for Campaigner of the Year: Click here - http://j.mp/17kt2x8

Thank you

Guy Watson