Large veg box (original)

Large veg box (original)


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A large seasonal veg box delivered to your door. Great for families and keen veg eaters: it’s full to the brim with 10 varieties of freshly picked organic veg. We’ll bring the essentials of potatoes, carrots and onions most weeks, as well as changing seasonal stars such as asparagus in spring, romanesco in autumn and winter squash.

Includes Guy’s newsletter and new seasonal recipes for inspiration each week.

Quick Overview

10 varieties with potatoes, carrots and onions most weeks, plus a seasonal mix of 7 other veg.

Box contents for week beginning Contents - 25th June 2018

  • New potatoes UK
  • Bunched carrots UK
  • Broad beans UK
  • Pointed cabbage UK
  • Rhubarb UK
  • Celery UK
  • True spinach UK
  • Cos lettuce UK
  • Chestnut mushrooms UK
  • Bunched radishes UK

Even more reasons to love our original veg box

1. Seasonal

Contents change every week to keep things interesting.

2. 100% organic

Absolutely everything we grow, make and sell is organic.

3. Free delivery

Your friendly local veg team delivers straight to your door, for free.

4. No need to be in

Just tell us where you’d like us to leave your box… we can take a key, too.

5. Customise your order

Preview what’s in the box each week and decide whether to top it up with any one-off extras.

On the grapevine

“The selection inspires us to try new recipes and broaden our culinary horizons as a family.” – Ben, Riverford customer