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Borlotti beans 500g

Borlotti beans 500g


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Pink-speckled fresh borlotti beans in their pods. Their sweet, creamy flesh is a revelation after the tinned or dried kind. A good simple side dressed with olive oil, or mashed with herbs to top toast. Fold borlotti beans into rich tomato sauce for posh baked beans, or slide into stews to add gutsy volume.


Shell and cook borlotti beans before eating. Put the shelled beans in a pan with just enough cold water to cover. Add chopped garlic, a bay leaf or two, some sage leaves, thyme, rosemary and chilli. Boil for 20-30 mins, until you can crush them with a fork. Just before the end of the cooking time, add a good glug of olive oil. Pairs well with lamb, artichokes or sausages. For added succulence, muddle through caramelised slow-fried onions, garlic and plenty of fresh herbs.

Country of origin

Grown in France.