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bogus emails from worldpay

Bogus emails

A number of customers and many other web users have received at least one email from a 3rd party pretending to be WorldPay - some using the bogus address shopper@uk.worldpay.com and the name Dave Gollick - - but other names and addresses may also be used.. This email is not from WorldPay - we recommend you delete it and do not open any attachments it may contain.

Please treat any unexpected emails with caution: make sure that emails you receive are from a trusted source using exactly the same address as emails previously received from that source, especially before opening any attachments or replying with confidential information. We will never ask you to disclose security, WorldPay username and password or all your personal details via email. And we recommend that your business computing machines should be protected by reliable anti-virus software.

For more information about controlling spam emails and computer viruses, please refer in the first instance to your own technical staff and/or to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). WorldPay specialise in payment systems and are not suitably qualified to offer advise on these subjects safely, across the huge range of systems and configurations to which they apply.

Bogus Popups on the Payment Page

Shoppers PC's may be infected by viruses which fish for confidential information. This can take the form of a popup window that appears whenever that shopper opens pages the viruses identifies as carrying financial or payment-related content. Such popups often prompt for information close to the context of the page the shopper is viewing making them quite plausible. For example on the WorldPay or other PSP payment page the popup might ask for card number and security code. However, they often also ask for less plausible information such as ATM pin number.

Shoppers should not: enter their ATM pin number into any web page. They should enter credit / debit card numbers into the body of our payment page only - not into a popup window.