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What’s what in the box – 4th October 2010

In this week’s video, Jane gives you tips on using sweetcorn, savoy cabbage and calabrese broccoli.

what’s what in the box – 4th october 2010


Here is our recipe for creamed corn with cumin and thyme.

savoy cabbage
Try cooking it in a little bit of oil with bacon and caraway seeds. Cook the seeds and bacon, then when the seeds start to pop, throw in the shredded, washed cabbage and sweat it down for 5 minutes.

calabrese broccoli
Try this recipe for Annie O’Carroll’s roast calabrese with chilli and soy.

What’s what in the box – 30th August 2010

In this week’s video, Kirsty talks about savoy cabbage and spring onions.

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what’s what in the box – 30th august 2010

savoy cabbage
This is a lot of our boxes this week. Try our recipe for Thai style chicken salad which has Savoy cabbage in it.
If you are going to cook your Savoy cabbage, slice it off thinly and braise it off in a pan with butter and oil, then add some spices.
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Try our recipe for spiced broccoli and halloumi couscous.
Around this time of year, caterpillars can crawl up inside the florets so when you get the broccoli, check them, remove them and pop them outside.
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Spring onions
If you have any leftover spring onions, put them in an omelette. For one person, finely chop the spring onion; beat an egg and season with salt and pepper. Put some oil in a pan; fry the spring onion with chopped chilli for a minute or so before adding the egg. Move it around with a fork until ⅔ is cooked, add some cheese and fold it over.
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If you’ve got any questions about cooking, visit our Questions to the Cook blog post.