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Home farm blog – a northern perspective

As I sit here eating my lunch and reading my partner Guy’s newsletter from deepest Devon, it amazes me that for such a small country, the weather (the biggest influence on farming), can vary so much.

While up here in the North, conditions have been extremely challenging, we seem to have fared far better than our cousins in the South. Yield potential for the potatoes is a slight concern, but the sweetcorn and her various vegetable friends are looking tremendous. Even the pumpkins are looking good, which at one point I had completely written off in my mind.

Indeed, we’ll be celebrating this year’s harvest at Home Farm on Pumpkin Day, Sunday 28th October. Hundreds of pumpkins will be harvested for the event between 11am to 4pm and visitors will have the chance to take part in a pumpkin carving competition. There will also be tractor rides, games, cookery demonstrations and sampling and food stalls. Local folk band, Fiddlyn Man Doris, will also be on hand to provide the entertainment. Entry is free and we hope to see you there!

We were also delighted to hear that our local suppliers, Acorn Dairy and Pierce Bridge have recently won Soil Association awards for their quality food and commitment to organic.

Peter Richardson

Cornish new potatoes

Paul Babcock

Meet Paul Babcock. Paul grows our organic new potatoes on his farm in Cornwall, just one mile from the sea, within view of St Michael’s Mount.

Organic potatoes

Paul’s family have been there since 1958 and he has been growing organically for seven years. He also owns a pub locally, where  he sells his vegetables and meat.

Paul's potato harvester

This is Paul’s tractor, which he uses to harvest his organic new potatoes.

organic cornish potatoes

The high light levels and mild temperatures make Paul’s land ideal for growing new potatoes. The farm is above slate, which means it is free draining and has warmer soil. This rainy season has been particularly good for the potatoes, which you can order from Riverford.


food for thought

Boys from Landsgrove primary school dig up spuds from their patch on Riverford farm – will they make chips?