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Bird’s eye food

Nesting among the toms
More proof – if proof were needed – that organic farming is good for wildlife, Martin found this bird’s nest lurking down among the tomatoes in one of the polytunnels…

We need bees

Bee hive
In order to fruit, plants need to reproduce, and in order to reproduce, most need to be pollinated, and for this to happen they need insects. Out in the fields one of the main pollinating insects are bees, but obviously in the closed environment of a greenhouse or polytunnel, where we grow things like cucumbers and peppers, we need to bring them in and give them somewhere to live… and here it is!

it’s bug eat bug on an organic farm

Integrated Pest Management
Our photographer Martin Ellis was out visiting Adrian Izzard, one of the suppliers of veg to our East Anglian sister farm, River Nene, and we thought you might like an insight into what goes on inside an organic polytunnel…

Here is a pic of what is called “integrated pest management”, basically bugs, and bug’s eggs, which will eat, mummify or act as parasites on the pests that want to chomp on our veg. It’s a natural process – and much better for wildlife than using the chemicals employed on conventional farms. If any of the bugs escape from the polytunnels, then they will quickly die because of a lack of food.