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Ed’s farm blog – duff plums and unseasonal veg

We have just about finished picking our plums and, like so many crops this year, the news is pretty disastrous. The trees were planted as saplings in March 2008 and have yet to reach their full potential; back in the spring things looked good but the rain knocked most of the blossom off and later in the season the trees dropped most of their fruit as they got overstressed. We picked over four tonnes last year and were expecting more (perhaps 6 tonnes) this year, but the final tally has come in at a mighty 427kg! Hearty portions of plum duff look to be thin on the ground in the Field Kitchen…


View across the fields

On a lighter note the remains of the Broad Beans that we harvested in June were rotovated in and the last of this years lettuce planted in their place. The few remaining bean pods have apparently decided it is now spring and we have miniature self-seeded plants poking their heads up amongst the Cos. I picked a few sprouting tips for Rob, our resident genius in the Field Kitchen, so if anyone is heading in that direction this week they may get some of the most unseasonal veg I have seen in a long time!


Broad beans mixed in with batavia and radicchio

Planting plum trees



Raphael and John (who’ve been at Riverford for over 5 years) have been planting Victoria plum trees on our Devon farm this week – over 720 of them. This year they’ll look beautiful as they flower and next year the fruit will come. We’ll just have to be patient!

They’ve planted the trees at a 30 degree angle and attached them to wires running horizontally. You can see the trees are in open space to let the wind blow through rather than blowing them over and that lovely organic fertiliser (mainly chicken poo) will help get them going in the early days.