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What’s what in the Riverford box – 19th July 2010

This week Guy talks about sugar snap peas, tomatoes, spinach, hispi cabbage, carrots and kohl rabi.

Sugar snap peas
To prepare, break the end and strip it down and it will take the string out. Take the string off each side and then you can steam or boil (for 3-5 minutes). You also can eat them in a stirfry or raw.

We’ve just come into the tomato season and have had good sunlight so they taste really sweet. Try making your own fresh salsa by chopping them, adding red or fresh onions and a green herb and well as a squeeze of lemon, vinegar and a bit of sugar, salt and pepper. It’s great with tortilla chips or on a courgette fritter.

Bunched carrots
They are tasting fantastic. Don’t bother peeling them. If you want to cook them, theyre great if roast them with kohl rabi. Peel and chop the kohlrabi and roast with the carrots for around 30 minutes.

True spinach has fine and succulent leaves. Wash it, leave the water on and cook it in a pan, turn it over, take it out push it into a colander, chop it up finely and then you can use it in all sorts of ways.

Hispi cabbage
Shred these finely, blanch and drain. You could add a squeeze of lemon as well as a little bit of butter and pepper.

what’s what in the Riverford box – 5th July 2010

This week Kirsty talks about kohl rabi and tomatoes. kohl rabi (0 mins, 7 secs) To prepare your kohl rabi, trim off the top leaves and stems, trim the base and if it’s large, peel the outer leaves. One way to use it is to slice it thinly but you can also grate it and put it into an asian coleslaw. If you have pointed cabbage in your box, you can use that instead of the kohl rabi. Tomatoes (1 min, 30 secs)

Growing kohlrabi in devon

Taking advantage of a nice, sunny day, we decided to go oTractor and planter at Wash Farm, Devonut to the fields on our farm in Devon to see the kohlrabi being planted. These were raised in a nursery and come  to us in modules. Our field workers sit on a planter which is pulled along behind a tractor and drop the plants into moving cups which puts them into the ground.

Once they’re bigger, we will use a steerage hoe to get rid of the weeds and if the weather is too dry, they will be irrigated. These were planted in mid May and are likely to be harvested around mid July.

planting kohl rabi in Devonplanting kohl rabi at Riverford Organic farmkohl rabi on wash farm, Devon

a kohl rabi a day keeps the doctor away?

Kohl Rabi
Here’s a snap of some purple Kohl Rabi growing on our Home Farm in Devon. You can see they’re round like an apple, but did you know you can munch into them raw and eat them like an apple? Amazing things, vegetables…