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Riverford Kids Summer Bake Off!



Roll up your sleeves and get baking!

This summer holiday we’re hoping to encourage more children to don an apron and have a go at baking with our Riverford Kids Summer Bake Off. Each week on a Friday morning we’ll be sharing an easy-to-bake recipe for you to try in the kitchen.

We’re offering a different Riverford goodie bag as a prize each week, so if you’d like to enter, simply send us a picture of your tasty creations and we’ll enter you into our prize draw!

To take part:

Simply download our recipe card, cook up our weekly recipe and then send a photo of you and your baking efforts to us!

For more information visit our Riverford Kids Summer Bake Off page.


Do your kids know their veg?

It’s not always easy to convince children of the joys of fruit and veg. Early this summer The Telegraph said that only one in five children is getting their full ‘five-a-day’. So why won’t some kids eat their greens? We’re setting ourselves – and you – a challenge to find out whether Riverford (and non-Riverford) kids know and like their veg.

school holiday activities

The first part is the Kids’ Veg Challenge itself. Whether you’re a Riverford customer or now, your kids can take the veg challenge at www.kidsvegchallenge.co.uk. We can’t promise that your kids will start gobbling their greens with renewed enthusiasm straight away, but we hope it will get them interested.

The final, ongoing part of the challenge is a series of weekly vegbox-based activities to keep you and your kids busy through the summer. This will be everything from making chocolate beetroot brownies and fruit necklaces to growing your own cress heads. There’ll be plenty to do, make and eat to last through the holidays. If you want to get these weekly activity emails you can choose to receive them at the end of the online veg challenge.

If you have teenagers who want to know more about fruit and veg, try sending them away to Root Camp in Devon this autumn half term. It’s a residential cookery school run by our friend Cassia, where your 14-18 year olds will get hands-on experience working in our fields and learning what to do with the fruits of their labour in the kitchen. You can find out more at www.rootcamp.co.uk.

Young Farmers Club

These pictures were taken when around 20 children from Landscove Primary School came to the farm to work on their ‘vegpatch’. It was three weeks since we had started the ‘Landscove Young Farmers Club’ and on Tuesday 6th of May it was time to return to the land after a long Easter holiday break.

Spring is a time of planting and that’s what we did. With the help of Headmaster Robin Smith and a group of willing parents, we planted the plants that were sown on our first meeting and other vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, courgettes, potatoes and onions.

This is the second year that we have undertaken the club and so far the level of interest is very good – a weekly supply of cake helps! The club is run by Darran McLane from Riverford with help from willing volunteer Jodie Giles, whom in her younger years attended Landscove. During the last week of school before the summer holidays begin, the harvest from the plot will contribute to the making of their school dinners. The intention of the club is:

  • to improve the children’s knowledge of the growing cycle of vegetables
  • to develop the practical skills needed for successful plant growing
  • to understand the benefits of organic farming
  • to know more about vegetable farming in the local community
  • to know more about the vegetables that can be grown locally
  • to inspire them to be more involved in growing things at home
  • to improve their understanding of the relationship between field to plate.

food for thought

Boys from Landsgrove primary school dig up spuds from their patch on Riverford farm – will they make chips?

growing kids

Here at Riverford we’ve been cooking the school dinners for a local primary school since 2005, but last year we thought it would be fun to give the kids a patch of land on the farm to grow their own vegetables to put in the meals.

The results were a huge success. The children grew onions, potatoes, tomatoes and many other crops that they had chosen themselves. All the year groups got involved.

We recently had a little harvest festival so the children could show their parents what they had been up to – and you can see the results here!