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5 cracking Christmas cocktail ideas from Riverford

Hosting a Christmas party this year?  Looking for ideas to take along to someone else’s?  We’ve got five great Christmas cocktails, and a few extra tipples, that are guaranteed to get any party started!


Blood orange & prosecco cocktail – click here to see recipe

A celebratory drink  when blood oranges are in season (but you can substitute with normal oranges). For this we suggest using prosecco for the fizz, or if you’re feeling extravagant, champagne. A splash of Campari doesn’t hurt either!


Riverford mulled cider – click here to see recipe

The mulled cider was so popular at our London Christmas fair last year that we’ve had lots of requests for the recipe. This is from Ben Watson’s mate, Cider Andy. He’s adamant that to get the genuine article, you need to use his two-year-old Dartmoor Cider, but any dry, scrumpy type cider will do.

Apple, pear & ginger smoothie – click here to see recipe

A great drink for drivers or kids, this nutritional smoothie is sweet and warming. Dress it up with a fancy straw in a nice glass.

Bloody orange mary – click here to see recipe

Great with brunch, or as a hang over cure, this cocktail is a twist on the classic using vibrant blood oranges (or standard oranges).

Tangy orange appetiser – click here to see recipe

A take on the classic Savoy cocktail of orange juice, gin and dubonnet, said to be the Queen Mother’s favourite tipple.

blood orange cocktails

Don’t miss! Veggie cocktails at Riverford at The Duke of Cambridge:

In January our pub in Islington,  Riverford at The Duke of Cambridge will be serving veggie inspired cocktails and mocktails, for those who are recovering from all the celebrations.

The recipes are highly secret, but if you fancy yourself as a bit of a mixologist, then our cocktail master at the Duke has let you know what the main ingredient combinations are below.  If you’d rather let someone else do the hard work then head over to The Duke in the new year to taste how it’s done by the professionals!

Non-alcoholic blends:

Beetroot, apple and celery juice

Apple, carrot and ginger

Alcoholic blends:

Apple, beetroot and amaretto

Apple, mint, cucumber and damson vodka

Christmas drinks

Throughout December, we’re posting tips, ideas, downloads and recipes on our Facebook page (our version of an advent calendar). Today we’ve got a couple of recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from Heron Valley (who supply us with juices and cider) and one for sloe gin and orange from The Telegraph.

dangerous winter party recipe

2 ltrs heron valley cider – order from Riverford
2 bags mulling spices – order from Riverford
2 large cups sugar
½ lemon – order from Riverford

Warm the Heron Valley cider in a large pan with the mulling spice bags, some sugar to taste and half a lemon and allow to infuse for 10 minutes. 


safe winter party recipe

2 bottles heron valley sweet apple juice – order from Riverford
2 bags mulling spices – order from Riverford

Warm the Heron Valley organic sweet apple juice in a large pan with the 2 spice bags and allow to infuse for 10 minutes.  

For an alcoholic version of the above add a shot of rum, sloe gin or winter Pimms™ to the mulled apple juice

sloe gin & orange

This Angela Hartnett cocktail appeared in The Telegraph on 14th March 2007. You can order sloe gin from Riverford.

ice cubes
7fl oz/200ml sloe gin – order from Riverford
3½fl oz/100ml dry vermouth
1 pint 2fl oz/500ml blood orange juice, preferably fresh
2 limes – order from Riverford

Put a couple of handfuls of ice in the bottom of a large jug. Pour the sloe gin, vermouth, blood orange juice and the juice from one of the limes over them. Mix well. Put a few ice cubes in a cocktail glass and pour in the cocktail.

Order alcoholic or soft drinks from Riverford.