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The future’s bright, the future’s green?

Yesterday the Centre for Alternative Technology launched a very bold document putting forward a plan for Britain to become carbon free by 2027, which was reported on in the Guardian* and the Telegraph*.
CAT’s plan is definitely radical: less meat, and no flying; more local organic produce; and an “armada” of wind, tidal and solar generating facilities.

The main objections to the report’s proposals seem to be that such radical plans are politically unthinkable, and that the public – and more importantly businesses –¬†will never go along with them willingly. But over at the BBC there’s a fascinating report about how businesses in the state of California are powering ahead with new green energy projects, and that the marketplace is the main driver of this change. California has led the way on a lot of recent revolutions – the internet being just one world-changing example – perhaps what’s happening there is showing us that the way to a greener future is possible without changing our capitalist¬†‘way of life’?

*please note: as this is an older blog post, some of the original links in this article have been changed or removed