Two new Lancashire cheeses

Over the years we’ve taken our time finding small-scale producers across the country who make exceptional organic food to complement our veg. Our cheese range is full of moreish hand-crafted cheeses from people who share our core values and who have honed their specialist skills and passion over the years.

New to join the range are two classically British cheeses from Leagram Dairy, run by the Kitching’s family. Their small organic dairy is set in the beautifully remote Trough of Bowland countryside, Lancashire. It’s a very traditional operation: their organic milk is all sourced from local cows, and the cheeses are lovingly made by hand with tools that are over 120 years old. Dipping the cheese in hot wax seals in the texture while the cheeses mature, before the team cut each wedge by hand.

The business was originally started and run by Bob Kitching, whose passion of the art form of making cheeses lead him to travel the country with his wife, reviving the wonders of British cheeses. He had a keen interest in the traditional methods of making cheese. Despite Bob’s passing in 2013 this small family business has continued to thrive, with his wife Christine and daughter Faye sharing their passion and knowledge and the family business being awarded gold medals at the British Cheese Awards and the International Cheese Awards.

We’ve selected our two of our favourites: the Crumbly Lancashire for its creamy taste and crumbly texture, with a subtly sharp taste. It’s is a beautiful melter and so easy to eat. Tumble over fresh summer salads, or bubble into a decadent cauliflower cheese.

Next up is the Wensleydale which is a mild, delicately honeyed cheese. Pack this handsome white wedge into your picnic basket with some oatcakes and sweet chutney for a portable ploughman’s, or pair with apples on a summery cheeseboard.

Both cheeses are available to add to your order now.


6 responses to “Two new Lancashire cheeses

  1. These cheeses sound lovely, but please don’t confuse Lancashire with Yorkshire. Although they are neighbours, they are distinctly separate counties.

    • Oops! even though Wensleydale is a traditional Yorkshire cheese, the dairy that makes both is indeed in Lancashire so our apologies for the mistake in the blog title, and thanks so much for spotting it Catherine.

  2. I was very disappointed that your wensleydale came shrink-wrapped. Off-putting.

  3. Wensleydale cheese is traditionally made in Hawes which is in Wensleydale, Yorkshire where it originates from. Not sure if this dairy makes it using the traditional recipe could be like cheddar which is made all over the world using a variety of recipes not like the traditional recipe made in Cheddar, Somerset

  4. Be great if you could also offer some unpasteurised cheeses.

  5. I bought these cheese 3 weeks ago and they are absolutely fantastic. They are both very different in flavour (which is more than can said for your average Supermarket organic cheese)! I melted the lancashire and had it with some steamed veg – truly delicious. I would highly recommend both of these cheeses and I will buying them again next week.

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