5 vegan recipes for February

Veganuary might be over but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate plant-based recipes into February, March and for the rest of the year. More and more people are turning to a meat-free or meat reduced diet and veg is finally taking centre stage as it deserves; it’s an exciting time at Riverford where life revolves around all things green! Here are 5 vegan recipe picks for February to help make your veg sing.

Sweet Potato & Lentil Bake

With their rich sweet flesh, sweet potatoes are a vibrant and versatile replacement for potatoes or squash in scores of dishes. They have a light spiciness to their flesh which marries well with the harissa and cumin in the lentils of this dish.

Read the full sweet potato & lentil bake recipe.

Spring Green & Coconut Dal

A colourful, creamy dish which makes the most of our sweet, tender spring greens and finished with a sprinkling of hot chilli and toasted coconut chips. Spinach, cabbage or chard can all be used instead of the greens.

Read the full spring green and coconut dal recipe.

Celeriac, Chickpea & Saffron with Maftoul

This is a Moroccan style dish, lightly spiced with a slight chilli heat. Celeriac has a fragrant, nutty, celery-like taste is great at soaking up surrounding flavours. Celeriacs are notoriously knobbly so we’d advise ditching the peeler in favour of a sharp knife for this one.

Read the full celeriac, chickpea & saffron with maftoul recipe.

Broccoli, Tofu & Udon Bowl with Miso, Parsnip & Peanuts

Miso is a fermented rice or soybean paste and is a fundamental building block of Japanese cuisine. It has a deeply savoury flavour and tastes hugely restorative. You can try and eat this with a fork and a spoon but the best way is with chopsticks, sucking up the noodles over the bowl and slurping the broth.

Read the full Broccoli, tofu & udon bowl with miso, parsnip & peanuts recipe.

Cauli, Beet & Quinoa Bowl

Quinoa has been much heralded in the last few years. It has a very mild bitter edge to its taste but generally makes a great bass note to a whole ensemble of ingredients. We’ve chosen the earthy flavours of beetroot and cauliflower, some pepperiness from the watercress, sweet fruit, crunchy seeds and a sharp tart kick from the orange and balsamic.

Read the full cauli, beet & quinoa bowl recipe.

15 responses to “5 vegan recipes for February

  1. A vegan recipe box would be great.

  2. Agree, a box with vegan recipes would be great!

  3. Some organic soya yoghurt would be nice, too!

  4. Nut milk and coconut yoghurt would be great. Also gluten free bread cakes and scones.

  5. Definitely agree with the suggestion for a vegan recipe box – and nut milk and vegan yoghurt – maybe almond or oat would be wonderful! And or cashew nut cheeses!

  6. Almost forgot – a vegan recipe search would be great too –
    and a special mention for the wonderful cucumbers you grow/supply – friends have commented on their great flavour and they never last long here!

  7. I too agree with all the above suggestions comments.

  8. Yes agree with above comments thank you for lovely recipes and looking forward to more vegan stuff please!

  9. Your vegan recipes are even more imaginative than my own and I expect taste and look better! Thank you.

  10. Very pleased to have vegan recipes as I frequently stay with my son and daughter in law and cook vegan for us all. Please keep them coming as I need new ideas.

    • There are hundreds of vegan recipes on One Green Planet .org also on Veganuary .com (but you probably already know that).
      Thanks for all the fab fruit ‘n veg & your seasonal recipes too.
      At Provamel .com they do a great assortment of organic plant milks & yogurts etc. hopefully you may be able to stock some of those please.

  11. Absolutely agree with all the suggestions above ….. fab ideas!

  12. I agree with everyone here, more vegan things!

  13. Most of the vegetarian recipe boxes can easily be adapted to be vegan as usually the only non-vegan part is cheese to be sprinkled or butter as an ingredient. Occasionally there is something like egg noodles. But we find we can feed a vegan and two non-vegans easily from the veggie recipe boxes with only a few adjustments. But if a whole household is vegan agree it would be good to have this as an option.

  14. They look really delicious

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