Feed the Birds with a Free Riverford Sunflower

If you’ve been part of Riverford for a while, you might have had one of our organic sunflower birdfeeders before. They’re back, and we’d like you to enjoy one as a little gift from us. There isn’t enough for everyone, so it’s first come, first served. Don’t miss out – add yours now!

Guy first grew glowing yellow fields of sunflowers on his French farm in the Vendée in 2015, hoping to make his own organic sunflower oil. While watching the local wildlife thrive off the crop, he had an idea. Instead of making oil, he would dry the flowerheads and offer them to British birds.

The sunflowers went down a treat – and not just with birds. People sent us snaps of everything from wild birds to chickens, pet hamsters, and the odd cheeky squirrel munching their way through this organic snack. Keepers at the Monkey Sanctuary in Looe even said they made a great enrichment activity for the monkeys! It was so wonderful to see creatures great and small feasting on a natural organic treat, Guy has grown them again every year since.

Thinking of joining in with the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch from Saturday 27th – Monday 29th January? A Riverford sunflower is just the thing to lure out a few more feathered friends.

We would love to see photos of any birds and beasts enjoying the flower. Please share at facebook.com/riverford and twitter.com/riverford using #riverfordsunflower.

For inspiration, have a look at some of our favourite pictures from last year below…

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61 responses to “Feed the Birds with a Free Riverford Sunflower

  1. A heartfelt THANK YOU for all the kindness shown to animals!🐾🌲🐿🕷

  2. Yes willing to help with a Feed the Birds with a Free Riverford Sunflower”

    God bless


  3. A wonderful idea to Feed the Birds with a Free Riverford Sunflower. These seeds are really popular with different birds.
    I would like one please. I will consider finding a spot in my garden to buy and plant two or three sunflowers this year.

    Thank you.


  4. I love these, I bought a pack of two before christmas and gave them away as presents. So am thrilled I can have another for myself!

  5. Yes please I would love one

  6. Eat idea, yes please.

  7. I wish I could get one here in France. We have put out a big bowl of seeds for the birds that hasn’t been touched. I suspect that it is too doused with pesticides etc.

  8. A treat for the birds

  9. Treat for birds this week please

  10. Yes Please I’d love one. Feeding the wild birds in my garden is one of my hobbies. I enjoy watching them everyday whilst I am sitting at my dining table.

  11. My birds are really well fed, but they have never had a sunflower before so I would love to spoil them with one of yours. Thank you

  12. What a fab idea! Yes please, very happy birds next week..

  13. Please deliver a sunflower with my order this week.


  15. I would love a sunflower for our birds – the final apples on our tree have now been eaten so it will be very popular.

  16. I’m sure this sunflower will entice even more birds into my garden for next weekend’s Big Garden Birdwatch, thank you Riverford for thinking of the birds.

  17. Yes please – the birds in my garden would love one. On their behalf – Thank You.

  18. Tony William Powell

    Hi there,

    Feed the Birds with a Free Riverford Sunflower, well there’s an offer people shouldn’t ever refuse. Birds, especially farmland birds, effectively, need to be fed all year round now and of course, should also regularly be assessed as to whether they are surviving or declining by the wayside. Aside from the above-mentioned RSPB watch, the farmers in here should perhaps think about joining in the Big Farmland Bird Count as well, more information on the link below.


    Best Wishes

    Tony Powell and naturestimeline

  19. Thank you very much for the Sunflower. Since we moved, now 4 years ago, we have transformed our home into an organic home and the amount of birds in the garden and fields have multiplied and multiplied. With your sunflowers we have seen more goldfinches in the winter while before we only saw them when the dandelions were out. Long tail finches also love them.

  20. Elizabeth Vickers

    Would love one of these for my bird feeder what a brilliant idea, watching the birds in the garden will take my mind off of my arm. I had a fall last week and will be in plaster for the next 6 weeks.

  21. Would love a sunflower bird feeder. We have recently developers building all these required houses on the green belt adjacent to our village and the birds
    seem to have taken exception to the disturbance and disappeared – may be this would tempt them back.

  22. Oh yes please, we live in a conservation area, have an abundance of birds here. Thank you .

  23. Would love one for the birds in my little garden. I get so much pleasure from watching them

  24. Yes please, our birds would love one!

  25. Yes please. A great addition to my wild bird feeding station. My birds will love this treat. Thankyou!

  26. Yes please 🙂 I love fibernacci sequence in the seed head design – how incredible nature is, I would love to see the wildlife enjoying one in my garden. Thank you what a fab idea.

  27. I would love to receive a lovely sunflower for the wild birds in my garden, thank you!

  28. Hi,
    I would love to have one as well in my garden. The lids will love it.
    What a great idea.

  29. Yes please, that’s a great idea.

  30. I see it as such a luxury to be able twitch the birds feeding in the garden. A sunflower feeder would be an interesting and very welcome addition.

  31. I would love one. So would the birds who visit.

  32. I’d love one please, I feed the birds and have done so for years, just hope the squirrels or pigeons don’t get to them first. I realise I may be too late, but am living in hope! Many thanks,


  33. I’d love one please, I feed the birds and have done so for years, just hope the squirrels or pigeons don’t get to them first. I realise I may be too late, but am living in hope! Many thanks,

    This is the first time that I have applied for a bird feeder, so if someone has the exact wording as me,I can assure you that it is a sheer coincidence , still hoping I will be lucky please,!

  34. yes please

  35. If there are still any left I would love one with my delivery.

  36. Yes please sunflower –

  37. Yes would love to help out . Please send a sunflower with my next delivery x

  38. Hi, I would love to have a sunflower for the blue tits in my garden, if there are any left!

  39. I’d love one of your sunflower bird feeders if you have any left! Thank you.. 🙂

  40. If I’m not toooo late, I’d like to try one on my garden please

  41. Would love to have a sunflower head. Lots of the tit family in the garden aswell as robins and blackbirds so a sunflower bird feeder would be a real boost for them.

  42. Yes please i would love a sunflower head for my wild birds.

  43. I’d like one too – that would be great, cheers

  44. Yes please. love one. Thanks

  45. John and Pauline

    Absolutely a great hit with our birds. The squirrels love them too, damn them!

  46. If you still have any left I would love to have one! Thank you for everything you do!

  47. Hi
    Just read today. I would like some sunflower seeds please. I have just moved and have a large patio garden. I think would be ideal fir a potted sunflower

  48. I’d love one too if they’re still available?

  49. Yvonne L Macdonald

    Last year I had one sunflower – it disappeared within 24 hours. So this year I asked for three – one for a friend and 2 for the regular mouths I feed :
    8 -12 woodpigeons , 6 male blackbirds, 4 lady blackbirds, 2 -4 doves, a pair of bullfinches, a crowd of other finches, sparrows, dunnocks, 3 robins, 2 – 3 crows, a pair of jays, a family of magpies; and a family of squirrels.
    The pleasure I get out weighs the cost of bird food from the RSPB. So please may I have another FREE sunflower (dare I ask – or 2)?

  50. Yes please – we’d love one if possible. It’ll be our second box so will add to the excitement from the children! Thank you.

  51. Yes please, if still available. Thank you.

  52. Brought 2 before and the birds loved them

  53. Yes please, the birds here love them hung from the tree. If i’m not too late!

  54. Fantastic idea – I have a bird feeder right outside my office window so would love to see all my favourite birds (and maybe a few new ones?) eating the sunflower seeds. Please can you send me one?

  55. My daughters and I would love one please. We love watching the birds from our kitchen window x

  56. I’ve just done the RSPB birdwatch, and as ever I’ve been surprised at the variety of birds turning up at the feeders. They would love to try one of your sunflower feeders to tempt yet more of them to a different treat in our garden.

  57. Hello, we’re going away to get married so I’ve had to pause my deliveries for a while, but we would love one too please for our feathered friends, lets spread the love 🙂 x

  58. Yes please, it would be great to have with my next order, thank you!:)

  59. Lauren Hutchinson

    I would love a sunflower please 🙂

  60. Thankyou for the last seed head. It took a day for the birds to find it and then it was demolished within 36 hours. Participating birds were : tits -blue coal and great, bullfinch, blackbird, sparrow, collared dove, nuthatch, chaffinch, robin. Please could we have another one?

  61. John James Boxshall

    I have asked for six, last ask and I think two before. I share them with people who have bird tables and use them in our own ‘park’ bird table. In the beginning of March we (Friends of Grove Park = volunteers) are well, here’s the link:
    On our own FaceBook page the blurb reads:
    “This is yOUR chance to make a massive difference. A difference of palatial significance to the bio-diversity of our park and the first step in turning our top pond at the rockery into a nature reserve. On the first three weekends of March, starting on Friday the 2nd Friends of Grove Park and Osprey Outdoor will put the foundation structure of the Bug Palace into place. Saturday will be for all to be involved: families, children, cub groups, schools, individuals of all abilities – no specific skills necessary (though if you are competent do-it-all ers of course you are also welcome 🤩. There will be ‘things’ to do for all and a real Community event. Please bring a picnic, bring everybody and together we can create a bio-sphere to marvel at!

    BUT… PLEASE, “also…” help us fund this. It’s sadly always all about the money 🤨
    No donation is too small – or indeed too large but plese do give something. If we can attract enough crowdfunding then we may get the larger amount from businesses expressing interest. ‘Bunnings’ Home Depot are already a sponsor and will be attending on the second Friday with bird box kits and tools to construct these boxes. We also wish to build butterfly boxes, bee and insect roosts, hedgehog houses and perhaps you too have ideas and/or experience to contribute? This is yOUR park and community.

    Please share this on other sites, with as many people as you can and together we can preserve our wildlife and outdoor environment for all to take pleasure in.”

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