25 years of Guy’s news

We have a new Riverford book in the pipeline for next year, and we need your help.

We’re asking customers of more than 10 years to tell us about their favourite newsletter – the older the better. Is there a story, opinion or rant which is particularly memorable? Email the title, date (if you know it) and your reason to emilymuddeman@riverford.co.uk.

Unlike today’s digital age, records were scarce in the early days. If you have any physical copies of our newsletters from 1993 to 2000, we’d love to see them.

Please photograph or scan to to emilymuddeman@riverford.co.uk , or pop in the post to:

Emily Muddeman
Riverford Organic Farmers
Wash Barn
TQ11 0JU

You could get a mention in our next book!

7 responses to “25 years of Guy’s news

  1. Iam a new member of the shopping family, just wanted to say it’s fantastic
    Idea, hope you get plenty of feed back,as I will getting the book when it comes out

  2. I love your rants Guy . I have just started to collect the blogs that are delivered in the boxes as i wanted a record of what is happening in farming.

    I was only thinking to myself about a week ago that it would be good if someone made these into a book. I was most surprised to find your request in my emails.
    I will definitely buy your book.

  3. I have written several times to say how balanced and pertinent some of the “rants” have been and how it would be good to see them more widely read. I have some paper ones going back to 2005 when I started getting your deliveries so will definitely look for those that anticipated future significant debates.

  4. Oh cool. So pleased you’re doing this. Your good ideas just keep on coming…
    I love your newsletters, my eyes keep being opened wider, my understanding deepened, and my humanity acknowledged. I love the fact that their arrival is reliable and regular each week but I need do virtually nothing to receive them; and that the text is likely to surprise, educate and comfort me. They have kept me going as a beacon of decency and sense through many difficult times. And the boxes themselves keep giving through the week.

    Customer for well over 10 years and very grateful.
    (I’ll have a look through my old treasured newsletters. They’re very precious though sometimes I try to prune hard copies in the interests of hitherto mentioned common-sense.)


  5. I don’t have any old ones, but I have an idea for a new one…
    I’m currently doing a course with Monash University in Australia entitled “How to survive on Mars” and we’re on Soils Week.
    I was wondering if Guy would give us his wisdom on how to ‘grow’ the perfect soil out of Martian regolith (mainly basaltic, with no organic matter, bit too high in salt) which may well lead to a rant about how jolly lucky we are to have such beautiful, balanced soil, with ready water supplies, and how we should jolly well take more care of this perfect planet we have.

  6. Several years ago, I emailed Riverford and asked that Guy’s letters be put in some form of a book. I am sure I am not the only person to ever ask this question. I am thrilled to read that a book is going to be published finally. Knowing nothing of farming, I have found Guy’s letters an invaluable source of knowledge and education in the field of framing and agriculture. I don’t think I could have found this information in any textbook. This stuff is live, current, real stuff. I can’t wait for the book!

  7. I have 2 watercolours of your organic cabbages done sometime in last 15 years,and sprouts shall if you are interested forward these images to you and thinkxl do have copies of first newsletters and have outstanding permission to come and draw on site,which due to unforeseen cicumstances havent done as yet!hope this is still O.K?
    To me has always been important to me that these cacbbages are organic(as have often been asked),as l work from life ,no photographic input at all and in this instance strictly watercolour only..Am currently intersested in larger oil landscapes of this organic landcape,as a place of integrity and beauty,even for the simple cabbage!and of course the human effort that makes all this possible.Hope to hear from you soon regarding the images,yours in haste paula cloonan.

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