Happy 10th Birthday, Home Farm!

This summer marks ten years since Riverford first arrived at its home in the north, Home Farm. Since then, so much has changed – and we couldn’t have done any of it without our customers’ support. Thank you, everyone, for being part of the family!

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    Congratulations to all at Home Farm. It is always rewarding for all veg lovers to hear of success stories because it means another stretch of land is being protected and nurtured thanks to organic farming methods. We do appreciate how hard everyone works to bring this quality food to our doorsteps so here’s to the next ten years and thank you for braving the floods and the ice.

  2. Congratulations and long may you continue.

  3. Fantastic to see you doing so well
    If only all farmers could protect the environment the same way

  4. So where is ‘Home Farm’? Am I supposed to know this? I assume this is not Sacrewell? (Riverford customer in Berkshire from 2005 until 2007, when I moved to Suffolk – then 2011 onwards in Suffolk – don’t think you delivered to Leiston before then.) P.S. I’d buy more from you, but Maple Farm and Peakhill Farm are just down the road – and Leiston Co-op sell Maple Farm eggs and flour.

  5. Ever since I was diagnosed with IBS about 20 years ago, I have had a weekly Riverford box – it may have been earlier. Those first days were very different. I have memories of broad beans galore, very mature broad beans, and it was a struggle to work out how to deal with them.
    The boxes and the opportunity to choose what you have now is fantastic. I never have resort to the supermarket. I am 84 and can con people I am 10 years younger. I put that down to earring organic veg, and thank goodness at least somebody has a care and understanding of how nature manages itself.

  6. Fantastic. It is such a delight to have you so close to us delivering such amazing vegetables week in, week out. Our first visit to Home Farm was the pumpkin day last year – what a delight that was.

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