10-a-day? No problem!

Recent scientific research suggests we should be eating 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day to help live a longer life. To many people that may sound like a lot, but we don’t think so.

With 30 years’ experience growing organically, we really know our veg. We choose crops for flavour, rather than cosmetic perfection or high yield; for the carrotiest carrots, and potatoes like your grandad used to grow. Our boxes are all about bringing the best from the fields into customers’ homes. They are an inspiring way to cook from scratch, eat seasonally, and pack a load of goodness into your diet.

Founder and farmer Guy Watson believes squeezing 10 portions of fruit and veg into your daily diet is entirely possible. “It is easy to add 2 or 3 vegetables into every meal. From beetroot gratins to chard galettes, leeks on toast to every-veg curry, it really is so easy to make vegetables the star of every dish.”

Need some help getting to grips with the green stuff? You can access our veg nerds’ best tips and bright ideas for free on our recipe app, online recipe hub, YouTube channel – or even come along to one of our veg box cookery classes, happening across the country.

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9 responses to “10-a-day? No problem!

  1. Ooo!
    10 a day?

  2. There are those of us that love eating veg to whom 10+ a day happens without trying. But what about those who don’t like veg? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen people pushing the tiny bits of salad garnish that comes with, for example steak and chips, to the sides of their plates. To these folk, I suspect the 5 a day let alone 10, fails to mean anything. Such a shame because vegetables are so delish as well as being good for us.

  3. Would you consider running a veg box cooking class in Cheshire, please?

    Kind regards

    Helen Webster

  4. Would you consider running a veg box cooking class in Cheshire, please?

  5. Andrea – with 10 fruit and veg a day there is no room for the steak! Besides, chips are veg aren’t they 😉

  6. Mr. Benjamin Frost

    I don’t think even Riverford boxes have enough for 10 portions a day.

    Crisps are made from potato, so I guess that makes them a veg. Better start eating 10 packs a day. I’ll wash them down with 3 pints of lager, followed by strawberry cheesecake to fulfil my fruit quota.

  7. I am concerned that new number will be an opportunity for more marketing “alternative facts”. A well known ketchup brands has previously suggested that ketchup counts as one of your 5 a day… and there was no mention of the added sugar and E Numbers. My question however is whether fresh herbs count as “one a day” and if so, how much should one take? Maybe this forum or even Guy can answer those tricky questions.

  8. As I understand it the old “Five a day” and new “10- a day” are based on 8og portions-so 5×80 = 400g or now 10x 80=800g per person per day. So just weigh your herbs and count the weight. It’s rumoured and may be true that even ketchup contains some valuable anti-oxidants-but I quite agree with you about the sugar and E-numbers. Foresight, the preconception and health charity, sell a handy pocket guide to the E-numbers by the way.

  9. Very cool stuff you are doing!

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