Hens on the veg

Because of the current avian flu threat, our chickens (like all UK poultry) must be kept indoors until spring, to make sure they don’t have any contact with wild birds that might carry the infection.

The sheds are safe and comfortable, but our birds are used to roaming on open green pasture all day; understandably, they can get a bit bored. We’ve done all sorts to keep them entertained – even giving them some footballs to play with! But the thing they seem to enjoy the most is lots of tasty grade-out produce to graze on.

Watch our video below to see our hens living life on the veg.

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18 responses to “Hens on the veg

  1. Thank God for that. That’s what they should always eat, not that horrible wheat/soy/corn pellets. I am yet to taste real country eggs again.

  2. Loved the video, though obviously we hope they can be outside soon. Do you play music- not pop, soothing Chopin etc?

  3. Lovely video and real holistic and waste not want not farming. I’m a new Riverford customer and havn’t tried the eggs or chickens yet, but I will in the coming weeks.

  4. Did I see oranges in the goodies given to the lovely hens? My three ladies get fresh greens everyday, black kale being a firm favourite, along with pears, apples and grapes which practically cause a riot. They will try anything, almost but I’ve never given them orange. I’ll give it a try.

    • Yes it is indeed. We were surprised by this too but they really love them; their beaks work well to peck straight through to the sweet, juicy middle.

  5. Well, it’s taken this producer a long time to feed veggies to his hens. Back in the 60s I reared from chicks for the fertilised eggs and then later the birds for table, and even then – 50 years ago – we were giving them veggies to eat!

  6. Will definitely add eggs to my next order. Oranges? Your birds look happy and healthy despite being deprived of the great outdoors for now. Thanks for the video enjoyed it!

  7. Good to see they all look happy. I am cultivating a more vegetarian diet, due to cost mainly and can already see the benefits in behaviour.

  8. I really loved your video. My father raised outdoor hens in the 1940s and ’50s and I loved helping him, so it’s wonderful to see happy hens given a great diet – even though they have to be indoors for the time being.

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Love to the hens!
    Great to see them!

  10. Hi

    Does your bacon have small amount of nitrates or is it just cured by salt?? or is that not possible.

    Many thanks, we buy your lovely meat at the market in Shoreham just lovely and make amazing bone broth too.


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  12. Kimberly Hannaford

    Hi Riverford farm

    Could you tell me what happens to the male chicks please?


  13. Your hens certainly look content even though they have to stay in; we’ve only got 4 backyard hens and they really aren’t liking being confined to their covered runs at the moment, although it isn’t affected their laying routine- like you we are trying to keep them entertained! I’ve never tried oranges, must give it a go..

  14. I am glad to see the hens fed fruit and veg and I do understand that to protect them from avian flu they are kept inside. My one question echoes Kimberley’s concern. My grandmother kept chicken for the pot and for eggs and a childhood memory is one of a cockeral ruling the roost. What happens to your male chicks please ? An honest answer would be appreciated. Thank you.

  15. I love eating organic. I only eat halal meat. Unfortunately it’s not often I get it in London. And I don’t how organic they are. Is there any chance of getting someone to do the halal slaughtering of the chicken.

  16. My family would not eat halal food so I hope Riverford does not change it’s practices.

  17. Riverford should maintain its integrity and high animal welfare standards of all the meat it sells and not do what a lot of the supermarkets have done and sell halal meat. You would loose my business instantly along with many others.

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