Feed the Birds with a Riverford Sunflower

birds with sunflowerIn 2015, Guy decided to plant thousands of sunflowers on his French farm in the Vendée, hoping to make his own organic sunflower oil. Whilst watching the local wildlife thrive off the crop, he had an idea. Instead of making oil, he would give them away in the boxes, to feed British birds!

The sunflowers went down a treat – and not just with birds. People sent us snaps of everything from wild birds to chickens, the odd cheeky squirrel, and even a hamster munching their way through this organic snack. We also donated some to Paignton Zoo, Shaldon Wildlife Trust, the RSPB and the Monkey Sanctuary in Looe, where keepers said they made a great enrichment activity.

It was so wonderful to see all those creatures great and small enjoying Guy’s gift, he decided to grow even more sunflowers and do it again this year. The glowing yellow fields have been harvested, the flower heads have been dried, and they’re ready to go out. Most people will be getting one in their box this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Once your sunflower arrives, hang it up so the birds can access the seeds easily, and high enough to keep them safe from prowling cats. It may take a few days for the English birds to catch on, but they will. Then simply enjoy the spectacle.

Wildlife photography competition

We would love to see photos of any feasting birds. Please share at facebook.com/riverford and twitter.com/riverford using #riverfordsunflower for your chance to win 6 months’ worth of Riverford veg boxes.

For inspiration, have a look at some of our favourite pictures from last time below.

29 responses to “Feed the Birds with a Riverford Sunflower

  1. Brilliant – our birds loved them. Thank you.

  2. And maybe draw them,?the wonderful structure of the sunflower head as it dries reveals its intriguing “architecture “

  3. I do not have a box, but order from scratch. Can I some way be included in the sunflower project ?

  4. Brilliant idea looking forward to ours!

  5. I order from scratch weekly, and occasionally take a box. Very disappointed when my order came this morning with no sunflower heads.

  6. Perfect timing! It’s the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch next weekend. Do hope I get a sunflower in my box!

  7. Excellent. We take part in the annual RSPB bird watch weekend at the end of January and our garden birds loved their sunflower last year and I am sure they will appreciate one during thus current cold snap. Thank you Riverford.

  8. Definitely yes please!

  9. Patricia O'Hagan

    Hi I do not buy a box but order from scratch could I get a sunflower too please ?

  10. I’m another person who orders from scratch and would like to know if we get included? Thank you.

  11. It’s a really good idea and I’m hoping we’ll get a sunflower. We already feed the birds in our garden regularly and manage to get a really diverse lot every day including of course the ubiquitous Wood Pigeons.

  12. A great idea, I have The Sparrow Family who live in my hedge, Mr Robin and a rather cross blackbird who are around my garden feeders every day. I shared one of your apples with the blAckbird who left only the skin.
    I am sure a sunflower head would be very much appreciated. Thank you

  13. Hi
    We have been Riverford customers for a number of years and the sunflowers for birds is a great idea. Can we have one please? Our garden birds get all sorts of titbits and we’re sure they will appreciate a new addition to the menu!

  14. I would love to have a couple of these. But I make a box up rather than ordering a pre selected box. So please could I have one or a couple added to my box. Thank you.

  15. Yes please !!!!

  16. Yes please, we enjoy feed the wildlife especially in winter we like to give them a little help where we can.

  17. What a wonderful, generous idea – a great random act of kindness!

  18. Thank you so much for my lovely sunflower. My birds are loving it.

  19. Birds took 24 hours to start on it – but it’s now nearly just a husk. Thank you very much, from them and me.

  20. What a lovely generous idea. Thank you.

  21. Am I really getting a sunflower, I am just embarking on trying to attract birds into the garden so this sounds timely and exciting!

  22. We hung the sunflower in a tree, near our other bird feeders. At first the birds ignored it – perhaps they were suspicious of their new continental breakfast! Now the birds are enjoying it. Thank you Riverford.

  23. What happened to my sunflower ? I don’t seem to have one so I suppose it’s too late to take part in the competition now. Have been a customer for many years too!

  24. When does the completion entry close? We are waiting for a sunny spell to hang ours outside to attempt a photo but our daughter’s blue budgie is also enjoying it!!

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